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Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters GTXXXSSCRH

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The Grip Tuck Universal Holster is perfect for safe storage of your pistol or for when use of a hard polymer holster might not be best. However it will still keep the trigger guard protected and your gun secured when needed. - The Grip Tuck is a universal pistol holster in that it is made to fit an entire class of firearms as opposed to a single make and model pistol as our other holsters are. If you have multiple pistols of a similar frame size and barrel length you may be able to use it with all of them. - This makes the Grip Tuck ideal for use as a protective cover for storage as a less-rigid pocket holster or as a universal IWB holster when you need to grab and go for short outings. - The Grip Tuck Universal holster features a grippy textured outer material. This outer covering provides plenty of traction gripping against fabric for a secure hold. If you are using it inside the waistband you'll also notice three holes for use with our toolless belt clips. Ride height is adjustable and you can change cant angle as well. - The shell of the holster is high-density neoprene. It's soft so it's comfortable to wear inside the waistband or in a pocket but dense so that the trigger cannot be manipulated through the fabric. - The holster is lined with thermoplastic elastomer a pliable but strong material. The inner layer or TPE places a rigid barrier between the neoprene shell and grippy outer material and the trigger guard. Unlike many holsters of this design you have nearly the same amount of trigger guard protection as a standard leather or molded polymer holster. - There is also a front slide cutout for easy insertion and draw as well as making the holster compatible with a broader range of pistols. The Grip Tuck is available in several sizes so please order the correct size for your pistol. - Care of the holster is easy - simply hand-wash and air-dry. If you desire it can be washed on a delicate cycle and dried on a low heat setting.

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